The Top 3 Benefits of AI in Business Processes

Artificial intelligence used to conjure up images of iRobot, a humanoid robot that has the intelligence and ability to create a race of itself and wipe out humanity. While that may still be a fear for some, many of us have embraced AI and the benefits it brings, with organizations around the world moving beyond the curiosity stage and into the strategy and implementation stage of this transformative technology.

Let’s examine some of the benefits of welcoming artificial intelligence into your business.

Operational Efficiency & Error Reduction

Using artificial intelligence to perform complex or repetitive tasks can create the kind of operational efficiency that COOs can only dream of. While automation is extremely helpful in streamlining processes and tackling simple but repetitive tasks with ease, there’s no denying the power that comes with the machine learning and natural language processing capabilities of artificial intelligence.

One of the many additional benefits of AI is the reduction of errors. When humans are working, mistakes happen. We’re all, well, human! But with AI, the focus and energy of the system is on the task at hand, 100% of the time. Processes and data are pre-programmed, and machine learning takes place at a rapid pace, which means that errors are reduced or removed quickly.

Financial Optimization

We’re all aware of the adage ‘time is money.’ When it comes to artificial intelligence, financial optimization is a very attainable goal. We already covered that AI completes more complex tasks more efficiently and is significantly less error prone. This will help improve your bottom line. But let’s go beyond that.  

Implementing artificial intelligence into your sales team, for example, can help with quickly analyzing a customer and predict the types of products/services that they’re likely to purchase, suggest complementary products/services, put together complex proposals with ease, and assist with increasing the value of each sale, quickly.

Growing Your Rockstar Team

Early suspicions of AI implementation into businesses had some worrying that, if artificial intelligence were introduced into workplaces, massive layoffs would surely follow. However, this has thus far not proven to be the case. In fact, in past studies1 wherein robotic process automation – a form of artificial intelligence – was introduced into the workplace, the replacement of human employees was neither the purpose nor the common outcome.

Instead of using AI to replace members of your team, use the realized time and cost efficiencies to encourage personal and professional growth in your workforce. With less time focused on tedious, repetitive tasks, your employees can focus their attention on advocating for – and creating a culture of – growth and innovation in your organization.

The value that this kind of investment brings to your company is endless. Studies show2 that companies and organizations that invest in the professional development of their employees create a culture in which employees feel more fulfilled, increase innovation in the company, increase the value of the candidates they recruit, reduce churn, and save value in knowledge retention.  

Where to Begin

You may be thinking: we don’t have the budget for artificial intelligence, and possibly, I don’t know where to begin. But if you’re not investing into the operational processes of your organization, those should not be your two main questions. Implementing AI into your business may seem like a daunting task, but not to worry.

Our team at Clarsynt is here to help – it’s our thing. We help companies scale and grow profitably by leading the strategy and implementation of improved operational efficiency, managerial effectiveness, and artificial intelligence (AI).

When it comes to feasibility, we work with organizations to understand their challenges, needs, the data available, and what is technically and organizationally feasible for them. We then stay on to implement solutions and/or new business processes, and work with internal teams to address any change management.

Contact us today to learn how we can help solve business process challenges your organization may be facing.

1 Artificial Intelligence for the Real World
2 Making Strategic Investments In Employee Development Is Crucial For Success

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